B. Love

My Savage and His Side Chick 2

“I'm tired of loving you, more than I love me For choosing your version of perfect
Over my deeply seeded need.”

In part one of “My Savage and his Side Chick” bonds were created and destroyed. Kaia has finally been forced to face the truth about Javaris. But with that truth comes the weight of having his life in her hands. For if she tells Amari about what she saw… there will be nothing stopping him from going after his best friend relentlessly.

Catalina may not have been looking for love, however, she’s slowly finding it in Amari. But with love comes the possibility of pain. There are secrets that Amari has kept hidden for as long as he possibly could, fearing his relationship with Catalina will end when she finds out the truth.

In the finale of “My Savage and his Side Chick,” the definitions of loyalty and forgiveness are tested. Sisters Catalina and Kaia learn if it’s possible to love a man that the streets have already claimed or if they will remain Amari and Javaris’ side chicks until they retire from the game.
118 printed pages
Original publication



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