Blackened Nights, Elias Sassoon
Elias Sassoon

Blackened Nights

John Nat not your typical young, angry American neo-Nazi. A hater, yes, turned criminal, yes, but his complexity runs deeper. He’s a nihilist with pretensions. He commits abominations, and leaves the reader wondering. Listen to John Nat ramble: “Hazy and cloudy, or maybe shadowy and dark, the blackness of black. Do you see it, the basic premises of good and evil. What is the universe composed of except putrid pieces of rotting crud thrown together by the empty ones who seek only suppression of what could be a beautiful cosmos? I see all these mothers, the walking bones; I can see them because I am the Savior of Saviors and will unite my spirit with the power of the sword.” … “ Nazis, I love these people, all of them, sweet and they understand the true realities of life and not the rest of the bullshit. Most things are garbage; I also know that the only way to deal with garbage is to eliminate it; get a flamethrower and burn it all away, the garbage and the floor beneath the garbage.”
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