Audra Upchurch

Fiercely Speaking

Trauma and abuse can entomb your persona, kill your dreams, and silence your voice. What if you found out you weren't the only one who has survived traumatic circumstances? How would you feel discovering keys to successfully fight your way through the aftermath of abuse?
In Fiercely Speaking, the voices of fourteen authors escort you through a journey of deep wounds and betrayals that yield to healing, hope, and a reclamation of their voices to speak their truths. As you read each chapter, you will have an intimate view into dark family secrets, dysfunctional beginnings, and reckless decision-making and the disastrous consequences. The authors will guide you through the turning points in their stories where critical decisions had to be made on how to piece together the fragments of their lives, along with step-by-step points of how they were able to resurrect hope in themselves and establish a laser focus on their life's purpose.
Now is the time to confront the ghosts of your past, establish a blueprint for your better life, and capture your voice with ferocity. It's time for you to announce to the world that you are now Fiercely Speaking!
178 printed pages
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