Kari Kilgore

A Race Against Tea Time

A Brewing Disaster
Regina Burke never expects trouble on a fine morning in Bountyfield, Virginia. Especially trouble involving her sweet nephew Trevor.
But trouble knows its own schedule, and holds its own secrets.
Now Regina races to keep Trevor from driving into a nightmare neither imagined.
Will she find him in time, before the nightmare wins?

An excerpt from A Race Against Tea Time:
A good kid headed straight into hot water
Pam shook her head sharply, once to the left, then the right.
“You really need to get around here and start making phone calls. I’m guessing the folks Trevor delivers to aren’t in the best of health. From what you’re telling me about this jimsonweed, we need to make damn sure they don’t brew it up thinking they can settle down for their afternoon naps.”
Regina held her breath, trying not to imagine Trevor’s face if he was part of something like that happening, even with his usual best of intentions.
She could wish all day long for a drone or a helicopter, or a high-tech satellite tracking device that wouldn’t work on narrow mountain roads anyway.
Or, she could do her best to help him like she always had.
“Thank you, Pam. Show me where I won’t be in your way. We’ll find him.”
32 printed pages
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