Liam McCann

The Mafia's Greatest Hits

The Mafias Greatest Hits draws on exceptional access to the FBI's previously secret files on the Mafia and uncovers the extraordinary truth behind some of the Mafia s most notorious killers. The FBI didn't realise the extent and scope of the Mafia and its organisation until 1963 and then started to try and actively combat it. They realised that many of the crimes which they were trying to solve before that date (and thought of as racketeering ) were all interlinked and controlled by a small group of Mafia bosses in New York. They realised, too, that killing is an essential element of Mafia culture as it is the way in which the Mafia establishes territory and also establishes hierarchy. If you want to lower murder statistics in an area you must firstly get rid of the Mafia.
This ebook details the fight against the Mafia, told by the people who tried to stop them — the FBI. Featuring mafia bosses such as Joe Valachi, Charles “Lucky” Luciano and John Gotti the stories involve many twists and turns as the Mafia recruiting FBI agents into their pay.
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