What to Eat in the Zone, Barry Sears
Barry Sears

What to Eat in the Zone

274 printed pages
More than two million people worldwide are already experiencing the health and performance benefits of the Zone. Based on the hormonal consequences of food rather than the caloric content, the Zone treats food like a powerful drug that can help you maintain peak mental alertness, increase your energy, and reduce the likelihood of chronic disease––all while losing excess body fat. In this essential reference guide, Dr. Barry Sears provides you with the Zone resources and Food Block information you need to make every meal a Zone meal, including:
. How to use and adjust Zone Food Blocks to fit your own unique biochemistry
. Zone Food Blocks for every ingredient imaginable, including vegetarian and nondairy sources of protein
. Zone Food Blocks for fast food, restaurants, and prepackaged supermarket meals
. Rules for modifying prepared foods to make them Zone–friendly
. The Ten Zone Commandments for staying in the Zone.
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