Wade Carey

Garden of Life

Meet Henry Johnson …Henry is a regular guy in his forties who is truly living the American Dream. He is a loving family man and successful business owner. He and his wife Helen just bought a new home and the future looks bright. However, there is something missing from Henry’s life. Actually, the most important thing in the world is missing—the hope of eternal life.Enter Jerry, Henry’s new next door neighbor. Jerry is a committed follower of Jesus Christ. As Henry and Jerry get to know each other, their friendship grows, despite their spiritual differences. While Henry is totally turned-off by religion, Jerry loves the Lord with all his heart. Henry soon finds himself intrigued by Jerry’s powerful faith, so they make an agreement to examine the basic beliefs of the Christian faith together. Join author Wade J. Carey as he weaves together a unique narrative of twelve interconnected parables centered on the fundamentals of faith in Jesus Christ. By using a quick-moving story and an abundance of scripture, Garden of Life spotlights several essential concepts critical to understanding biblical Christianity.Why does evil exist? What separates us from God? What would it be like to know who Jesus Christ really is—without the hindrance of religion or ceremony? What is true faith? These questions and more are answered in this first installment of the new Parables series.
266 printed pages
Original publication


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