B. Love

No Love in His Heart

«After being in a committed relationship for ten years with the man of her dreams, Blue’s life becomes a nightmare. In her youth, she was okay with not having children or getting married, but now that she’s close to thirty her desires have changed. With only two choices, Blue must choose between staying with Messiah or leaving and starting a new life and love with someone willing to give her every desire of her heart — including marriage and children.

For Kiylee, the bad boys are no good and the good guys are no fun. Settling for no commitment and the occasional bed buddy has gotten her through most of her adulthood until she meets Bianco and Indie. Bianco, a classic street hoodlum, vies for her attention just as strongly as Indie, the good guy you’d want to bring home to your mother. In this love triangle, Kiylee’s heart is pulling her in one direction while her mind tugs her in another.

Tamara spent most of her late teenaged years seeking the attention of Alante. She wanted his sight, even if she wasn’t the woman in his vision. After finally winning him, Tamara realizes just how big of a mistake it was to pursue a man instead of waiting on the one that was truly meant for her.

Each of these women are left with a choice, and although the answers seem easy at first… the consequences are hard enough to have them all changing their minds and the love within their hearts.

Please note: The characters in this series were first introduced in “No Love in his Heart: The Preface” "
168 printed pages
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