Diane Diaz,Sharon Howard

Meals that Heal: Stop Start Eating and Grain Free Goodness

Meals that Heal: Stop Start Eating and Grain Free Goodness Food can be medicine, especially if you suffer from problems with grains or other artifacts of the modern food production system. This book focuses on helping you choose meals that heal your body instead of heavily-processed, grain-heavy meals that hurt. It will also help you adjust the frequency with which you eat, mimicking a more natural way of consuming food. You'll feel better and you'll learn a lot about meal planning to lose weight, too. Even if you need to make meals on a budget, these recipes will work for you. There are plenty of great meal ideas that can help you avoid wheat and other problematic grains. There are also clear, easy to read meal plan options for both intermittent fasting and grain-free diets. This book allows you to freely substitute recipes within the meal guide, giving you a great springboard for your kitchen creativity. You don't have to be a professional meals planner to create a delicious table full of food that will help you lose weight and keep your family happy. All you need is the right set of recipes. With these great grain-free and fasting-friendly foods, you'll be able to make every meal healthy and healing. You'll enjoy great dishes that don't rely on wheat or other common grains, including chicken salad, Dutch oven chili, kale mango salad and ginger cookies. You'll also find an assortment of recipes that are specifically balanced to help you get all the nutrition you need while fasting intermittently. Consider starting your morning with savory hash browns or a healthy breakfast burrito. Then, fast for six to eight hours to let your body rebalance itself. Finish the day with oriental turkey burgers or buffalo chicken and slaw to give you the energy you require to get through the evening.
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