Richard King

Confronting Corruption

Corruption blights the lives of countless people around our world. It is a scourge of the poor and weak. It is a road block to change. It is detestable to God. The purpose of this book is to transform attitudes and behaviours of Christians who live in societies where corrupt behaviour is a fact of life and to do this by letting the Bible, as God’s word, speak. It is addressed to Christians disposed by inclination or circumstance to behave corruptly, to Christians who need courage to stand against corrupt behaviour and to Christians who want to use their influence to put pressure on officials to act with integrity. The book is intended to be used for weekly reading by pastors at church services to remind congregations that corruption has no place in Christian life, as a resource for Bible colleges in training pastors/church workers and for small group Bible study. The readings in the book are interspersed with perspectives from AmyJay Riconalla, Jill Stoltzfus, Jules Compaore and the Reverend Dr Maqsoud Kamil, who have contributed from experience in the Philippines, Honduras, Burkino Faso and Pakistan respectively, together with a reflection on corruption in Western society from the Reverend Joel Edwards.
77 printed pages
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