Derrick Lonsdale

A Nutritional Approach to a Revised Model for Medicine

The extensive consumption of high calorie yielding sugar containing foods and drinks is causing a huge amount of illness in America. This is a potential threat to our culture and can be compared to the effects of chronic lead poisoning that contributed to the decline of the Roman Empire. Lead, leaching out of the glaze used in their wine containers caused multiple symptoms. Though their cause was recognized and reported by one or two individuals, their warnings were ignored.Lead caused the wine to have a sweet taste, thus making it more desirable and increasing its poisonous effects. Sugar, when removed from its naturally occurring source, acts as an addictive pleasure stimulating drug. Its consumption automatically increases the need for vitamin B, easily resulting in its deficiency. The resulting symptoms are reversible at this stage but, if the true cause is unrecognized and treatment neglected, they may become the irreversible symptoms of chronic disease later in life.Could the obesity epidemic, diabetes, and the outbreak of a host of other almost completely unrecognized diseases, be the result of our present dietary mayhem? That’s the view expressed in A Nutritional Approach to a Revised Model for Medicine. In this illuminating book, author Derrick Lonsdale, M.D., draws attention to the dangers of the prolific ingestion of sugar that is so widespread today. The book cites case reports to illustrate these dangers and to emphasize the ease with which symptoms may be stemmed in the early stages. However the book also makes it clear that if symptoms are left unrecognized and behavior is left unmodified, these same symptoms become less treatable, giving rise to chronic diseases and other serious health problems.
227 printed pages


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