Jan Jones,Grace Wynne-Jones,Jane Wenham-Jones,Caroline Dunford,Gill Sanderson,Jane Bidder,Christina Jones,Laura Wilkinson,Eve Bourton

Holiday Fling

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Perfect for those long afternoons by the pool, this collection features contributions from Accent’s best-loved writers, from sexy summer reading to rollicking good romances. Holiday Fling is the must-read summer ebook!

Just the Two of Us:

Louisa’s over the moon about her holiday to Cornwall with her boyfriend David. Sun, sea, and a romantic, swashbuckling setting; what’s not to like? Maybe this will be the week when she and David finally have enough privacy to take their relationship to the next level. Then she hears that her partner has invited his mother to join them, and her heart plummets to her boots. A whole week sharing a room with the most pernickety and selfish woman in the universe. What on Earth is this going to mean for her relationship?

The Cruise:

It’s almost the end of the summer, and she’ll go spare unless she can finally jet off to the sun. But with one thing and another, and especially her husband being made redundant that year, the possibility isn’t exactly looking likely. So when he comes home one day with a pile of holiday brochures and the promise of a Mediterranean cruise, she has a feeling that this is going to be a holiday with a difference …

Breaking Through:

Fleeing a broken relationship and her ex-fiancé’s wedding to someone else, Freya Storm has convinced herself that she is absolutely fine holed up on an isolated country estate, working hard to produce a historical guide. Things seem to be going well, until a tall and handsome jogger appears one day while she is taking photographs and mistakes Freya for a tabloid journalist, causing her to smash her camera and putting the completion of her guide on time into jeopardy. Realising his mistake, the stranger offers to help in any way he can, and Freya quickly finds that things are suddenly going very well indeed.

The Difference Between Us:

Monica has not seen her preternaturally beautiful and successful twin, Eva, since the night she left home after a disastrous date with her long-time crush, Tony, where he seemed to constantly compare her to Eva. Fearing she would never be free of the influence of her stunningly attractive sister, Monica has spent a year away travelling before she risks returning for a visit. On her return though Monica finds that her situation with Tony wasn’t quite as she’d thought when she left.

A Lady’s Fancy:

After she finds her fiancé, the wicked Earl of Avon, in the arms of her beautiful cousin at their engagement ball, Elinor Camden makes a new life for herself as a governess and author of comic Gothic novels. Eight years later Avon is back from the Peninsular Wars and Elinor finds herself the heroine of her own adventure as she is snatched off a country road by the amorous earl, who is intent on rewriting the ending to their unhappy love story …

Greek Gifts:

When offered an opportunity out of the blue to spend a week away on holiday in the Greek countryside, shy insurance worker Ellen jumps at the chance. When she arrives she is swept away by the unspoiled beauty of the land around her, and resolves to pack her holiday with as much as possible to make the most of her time this wonderful country. When the taverna keeper’s son Alexi, with his Greek god looks, spends the evening telling her stories under the stars, Ellen is captivated, but knows with a man like Alexi, who is seeing a new tourist girl every week, she can be nothing but a distraction. But Alexi’s parents have noticed his strange new behaviour around Ellen, and she finds that her ideas about what will happen on this holiday aren’t quite what she originally thought …

Waiting for Take Off:

Today was supposed to be the day Bella Frost married her Mr Right, Lewis, in the wedding ceremony she’d been planning for years. Instead, a few weeks before the wedding she discovered that Lewis was a serial cheater and had no intention of ever going through with the marriage. Most of her bridesmaids offered her ice-cream and sympathy, but Julie turned up at her flat, packed some clothes, and took her to the airport so they can spend a week together at Julie’s Spanish island hideaway. Bella is sceptical about the trip at first, but is persuaded that this may be just what she needs to get over Lewis. But with Bella getting distracted by handsome men and children in distress in the departure lounge, and their flight being called, can she tear herself away long enough to make the plane?

Dancing Naked on the Lawn:

Fed up with her husband’s preference for watching the golf on a glorious sunny afternoon, Jessica decides that she’ll do anything to get out of the house, and decides to take her confused Aunt Hilda out of her nursing home for a drive. She is very surprised as they set out to find that her aunt is more confused than she’d imagined, and believes her to be eighteen again instead of middle-aged and long-married. As Jessica finds herself getting lost in the country roads, she finds herself reflecting on how much her life has changed since her undergraduate days, and wondering if she needs a man who watches the golf on a glorious day, and not one from her past who took her dancing naked on the lawn.

Winter Break:

The winter rain is pouring down and the central heating has packed up, the children are complaining and to cap it all off her colleague Janice will not stop showing off about the luxurious holiday her husband is taking her on to Lanzarote. With life a seemingly endless round of work, sleep, nagging the kids to get on with their homework, and never even having enough time for a night out with husband Terry, her colleague seems to have it all. Yet some unexpected news and an equally unexpected night in with Terry go some way towards changing her mind …

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