Mats Wurnell


«Deep, dark bass tones are seeping through the walls of the old East German power plant, giving the night revelers, patiently waiting outside, a hint of what’s hidden on the other side. The autumn air is cold and damp; the Berlin night impenetrably dark. But within these walls, a different kind of darkness awaits: a legendary club in old East Berlin, where techno reigns and the limits of decadence are constantly being pushed.»

“Berghain – The world’s most legendary techno club” tells the story of the legendary club in Berlin that every weekend attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world. The article gives you the history of the club, it’s present state and it’s future- but also puts it into context with Berlin’s history- as a club destination and it’s connection to Detroit, the birth city of techno music. In the article, Mats Wurnell interviews disc jockeys such as Joel Mull, Ali “Perc” Well and Daniel Wang and german music journalist Thaddeus Herrmann.

Mats Wurnell is a music journalist based in Stockholm, Sweden. He has been writing for some of the biggest and most influential newspapers and magazines in Sweden and focuses on electronic music and club culture. He has been a part of the club scene for more than 15 years as a dj, promoter, label owner, music reviewer, pr consultant and as a journalist. He has also been travelling around the globe to visit the most talked about night clubs and to see the world’s best dj’s perform.
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