Money Miracles for Beginners, B.A., Behavior Science, C. HT Certified Hypnotherapist Carl Schoner
B.A.,Behavior Science,C. HT Certified Hypnotherapist Carl Schoner

Money Miracles for Beginners

“Money Miracles for Beginners!” is a complete course of all the subject matter that schools should teach about personal finance and money management, but don't. In this little book you will find important information and advice on the following subjects and more: The Importance of How You Think About Money, Understanding Banking Institutions, How to Plan a Budget, How to Live Within Your Means, How to Understand Mortgages, Investments De-Mystified, Credit Cards De-Mystified, How to Compound Your Earnings, How to Plan for Retirement, How to Rid Your Garden of Vermin (Avoiding Get Rich Quick Schemes and Other Depletions of Your Earnings), How to Succeed in Your Retirement, and much more! This book is not for financial advisers or business economists; instead, this book is for those who simply want to develop a better understanding of their own personal finances so that they too, can effectively plan for the future and live the good life in retirement!
193 printed pages
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