Chase Andrews

Discipline Your Way to Success: The Definitive Guide to Success Through Self-Discipline

Many inspired people miss the opportunities of being gifted the way they are because they don't have the will or the discipline to move the inspiration from their soul to their hands.

If you are the kind of person that is full of inspiration, loads of ideas, and have plenty knocking around in your head, but none of that has materialized, then there is a good chance what you need is more discipline. 
In most circles among adults, suggesting discipline is problematic because it feels like that word is reserved for kids. Yes, there is one kind of discipline that is reserved for kids. But the kind of discipline that you need to attain the kind of success you are thinking of is very different than the picture that emerges at the invocation of the word.

The discipline you need is the kind that will allow you to take control over your thoughts and actions. 
We may have all the other attributes that are required to be successful, but if we lack the discipline then all bets are off. That's usually where the problem is when you've gone through tons of books, tons of seminars, and you still can't translate inspiration into action. 
This book will show you the reason discipline is elusive to many people and why the lack of success becomes the norm.

You can't just turn on discipline in many cases, you need to understand yourself and understand the reason your greatness is stuck within you struggling to come out. 

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