Daniel Rott

Baby Names

Discover 10,000+ Boys and Girls Names…

Are you expecting a new baby soon?

Have you decided on a name for him or her?

Or are you stuck between what you want or what family tradition dictates?

Choosing a name for a baby is one of the most important jobs for new parents. Get it right and it can shape a life. Get it disastrously wrong, as some have in the past, and your child could be the subject of ridicule for their entire life.

In this book, Baby Names, you will find not just the usual list of popular choices, but also:

The meanings of names and their origins
Trending names
Inspiring names from Hindu
Traditional names that maintain popularity
Biblical names and their meanings
Names based on locations
And much more…

It is not too trite to say that by choosing a name that is right for your child you thereby provide the pathway to their future. The name you pick will be the one, with some exceptions, that they will have for the rest of their lives…

Choose wisely and let Baby Names guide you in making the right choice!
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