Frank English

The Awakening

A Fantasy Adventure suitable for 9 years and beyond. Its a first in two ways — its Frank’s first published title and its the first in a series of adventures to be released by this prolific writer.‘Jimmy Scoggins is nine, and like most nine year olds, he is lively, inquisitive and sometimes a bit of a handful. Since his father’s death Jimmy has lacked that regular male influence a growing boy needs. His Uncle Reuben is a welcome help to Jimmy’s at times exasperated mother.But uncle Reuben is much more than he appears and Jimmy has no idea the trouble, adventure and danger he is about to face when he volunteers to deliver the important Parcel to the local Post Office for his favourite uncle.Tommy, Jimmy’s thirteen year old brother, knows. He knows just what the Parcel is, and as he races after his brother, he wonders if Jimmy will be able to handle the excitement and adventure. And if he can’t, will Tommy find Jimmy in time to help?…’
190 printed pages
Original publication
Chaz Wood


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