Amanda Prowse

Will You Remember Me?

    Соня Оганджанянhas quoted7 years ago
    And then he said, ‘I love you so much. I want to give you the moon with a bloody big bow tied around it. My wife! I’ve got a wife and not just any wife but the best bloody wife in the whole wide world!’
    karlatuukhas quoted7 years ago
    ‘Don’t be sad,’ he whispered. ‘Not tonight.’
    b1784340806has quoted8 years ago
    none of us knows what battles anyone else is fighting.’
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    ‘I want to dance with you in the rain, wearing a lovely dress, and I want it to be a proper dance, like a waltz, old fashioned and romantic.’
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    dedicate this book to the man who believes that family
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    But sometimes it’s not fair to unburden yourself just to make yourself feel better. It’ll be her that’s left and what purpose will it serve? It might be better to leave your hurt behind, let it go.
    Moon Gurlhas quotedlast month
    ‘I don’t want anything, only you,’ I whispered, which was the truth.
    Moon Gurlhas quotedlast month
    and I know that no matter how old I am or where I am in the world, I only have to pick up the phone and he will come running.
    Hanahas quoted3 years ago
    ‘Oh, Megan!’ they chorused. Their pity was genuine and that somehow made the situation much worse. She wished they weren’t being nice to her, it made her feel even sadder. How could she admit to hating them all just then, when they were being sympathetic?
    ‘I’ve got something that’ll last much longer than Yule log.’ Pam winked at Megan and left the room, returning with the box the cake had come in. ‘Look, Megan! It’s got a lovely picture on it of holly and berries and it still smells of chocolate.’ Pam smiled as she handed it to her.
    Megan had gathered the box to her chest and sniffed its interior. It was torture, only reminding her of what she’d missed out on. Funny she should think of that now.
    Meg walked inside the warm, busy deli and inhaled the heady mixture of food, spices and coffee. It was noisy: people shouted greetings and laughed, the till chimed, and Dean Martin crooned ‘White Christmas’ through the speakers on the wall. In front of
    b1784340806has quoted8 years ago
    but I think punishing her would make you feel better only for a very short time and it would make her feel bad for a very long time, maybe for the rest of her life. You don’t know that she doesn’t already feel bad – none of us knows what battles anyone else is fighting.’
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