Paul Newton,Diane Ivory,Jesse Lawrence


Any IT or physical security expert will tell you that the weakest link in any system are the people using it. As an expert in utilising the weaknesses of the human mind, Paul Newton - magician, mind reader, hypnotist, public speaker and mischief-maker — travels the world helping people to understand how to stay safe from fraudsters, scammers and hackers.

Bringing these teaching to a wider audience, MentalTheft the book helps people to understand the dangers and how to protect against them. Aimed at everyone, from people at home with their families, to people in their places of work and their bosses.

This book is packed full of advice, with interesting and often funny stories and anecdotes. With guest appearances from experts and people who have experienced things first hand, this is a book that will keep you enthralled whilst teaching you how to keep your friends, family and colleagues safe.
133 printed pages
Original publication



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