Jasper Wolf

The Waiting Room

'The Waiting Room' is Jasper's second book featuring Detective Brodie Foxx, a psychological profiler and Detective Jake Miller, from Homicide.

Detectives Miller and Foxx are haunted by several unsolved missing children cases. When a mother is murdered during the kidnapping of her daughter, the two detectives may finally have a link to the other kidnapping cases.

The husband of the murdered woman and kidnapped daughter, Austin Campbell, recently retired from the SAS Second Commando Unit in the army, fearing time is running out for his daughter begins his own investigation to find his daughter and hunt down the man responsible for his wife's death.

The case takes Miller, Foxx and Campbell to the darkest corners of the criminal underworld; a world so evil it's existence is hard to believe.

To save the children and return them home will take everything they have.
Possibly even more than they have?
Possibly even their lives?

Will the children return home or will their rooms forever become 'Waiting Rooms'.
399 printed pages
Original publication
Jasper Wolf



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