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The Adaptive System

Butcher the Bookie with:The Adaptive System
By Rod Watson, a Certified Accountant, former employee of the Secretaries to the Jockey Club and a professional punter, he has spent thirteen years developing The Adaptive System.
The System will almost certainly put a brake on your loses, and practised with discipline and restraint, should, generate a nice secondary tax free income for you from horse racing
All you need is a few hours a week (when it suits you), access to the internet and a small sum of seed capital.
This little book packs a mighty punch! It is full of original tips and ideas that have been born out of over fifty years of observing horse racing.
Towards the end of 2000. enormous changes took place in the betting and horse racing industry. Betting Tax was abolished,you could lay a horse to lose on 'betting exchanges' through matched betting. It was possible to make and receive payments by using debit and credit cards. All transactions could be done on the internet and subsequently on your mobile device; you could bet 'on the wing'. It was possible to back and lay 'in running',and to bet on the place market only. The bookmakers andbetting exchanges introduced all sorts of new bets and enhanced existing variants. You can now watch a race on your mobileand replay it many times. On the the tracks, All Weather and floodlit racing was introduced. In the betting shops (for those who still wanted to go there) there were refreshments, toilets, televised racing and comfortable facilities.
It was against this exciting background that I wrote The Adaptive System, finishing the original version in 2007 Laying and the use of the internet were its two main platforms. Laying was 'like taking candy from a baby' — easy money.
Primarily aimed at horse racing in the UK and Eire, this innovative System works efficiently for any horse race under rules Worldwide. Indeed, sales in USA, Jamaica, Europe, Scandinavia, Hong Kong and Australia are surprisingly buoyant, whichproves the strength in depth of The System. Its methodology applies equally to the Flat (AW and Turf) and both the Summer and Winter National Hunt seasons. It covers both laying and backing and the lucrative place only market.
The System is well composed, clear and simple to follow with plenty of worked examples. The rational behind eachset of scores is concisely explained; some of it obvious, others will surprise you with their innovation and practical validity.In addition to The System itself the book covers staking strategy, betting bank management and the psychology of winning plusmany other methodologies.
Written for the serious punter whose aim is to trade for profit, not just for fun, this 85 page book book packed with useful andand original angles and information. It is not guaranteed to make you rich, but properly practised will be the best investmentyou can make in a horse racing system. It is a powerful tool to 'Butcher The Bookie' with and relieve him of the contents of hissatchel.
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