Kendra Norman-Bellamy,Hank Stewart

The Morning After

It's been a year since the death of Ms. Essie Mae Richardson, the elderly pillar of the Braxton Parks community. Before her untimely demise, Essie's prayers brought redemption to many of her neighborhood's problems; but now the impact of her death and the unfinished business that it left behind is threatening to unravel all that she prayed so hard for God to mend.
While Colin Stephens still enjoys a blissful marriage to his wife, Angel, unbeknownst to him, she is wrestling with the guilt and regret of never saying goodbye to the woman she loved like a mother. And while their guards are down, a voice from Ms. Essie's past steps in and threatens to steal the security that the Stephenses have taken for granted. 
To Jennifer's relief, her fifteenyearold son, Jerrod, was saved from gangrelated activities by Ms. Essie's love and guidance. But now, just when it seems that the teenager is on a winning track, he's blindsided by more trouble than the streets could have ever offered. 
Through prayers and patience, Elaine Demps gained her husband's forgiveness for her infidelities, but after more than a year, she can't understand why he still hasn't moved back into the bedroom with her. Love tells her to give him more time, but loneliness pushes her back to the mindset that sent her searching for love in all the wrong places. 
Ms. Essie taught them that everything happens according to God's perfect timing, but to those left behind, it seems that the timing of Ms. Essie's death was all too soon. How will they keep from falling apart without the glue that held them together?
309 printed pages
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