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Maria McCann

As Meat Loves Salt

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    If you want me to beg you will wait a long time. Yet had he said to me, Beg, I would have thrown myself on the ground
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    How did men make themselves loved, I wondered. I had passed all my life with men who were loved but I seemed never to have learnt the lesson.
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    Something is gone from me
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    Does he guess?' I whispered.

    'Guess what?'

    1 Filthy darling.’
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    'I am happy,' I said aloud.

    'What?' He cupped a hand to one ear; ink had got onto the side of his nose.

    'I love you.'
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    On my doing so, he licked my mouth and said, 'If you like that, don't give it up for a sermon.'
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    I did all for love, and in defence of love, and am beaten black and blue for it, and would do it again if saw a hair of your head threatened.
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    Within me all was darkness
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    So the writer says,' my love answered
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    The three of us had churned up the water until it was half mud and spattered with flecks of weed before I knocked my foot against something loose and heavy that lolled about as we splashed. I tried to push it away from us, but too late.
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