Les Rainey

Collected Writings of Les Rainey: Volume 1, The

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1. The Blessings of the Bible: Mr. Rainey has been living in the enjoyment and blessings of the Bible for over 70 years. He provides us with a history of how we received the Bible, the writers involved, and the confidence there is in that work. He then shows us how we can read, study, and enjoy the Word of God. Mr. Rainey has read, studied, researched, enjoyed and preached the contents of the Bible. He has prepared study courses, commentaries and messages based on his findings. These are still the being used by school children, new Christians, and Bible students throughout the world. As a result of many years of reading and studying he believes the truths and principles taught throughout the Bible, and encourages others to put their full trust and confidence in God's precious Word. The Bible provides instruction, correction, encouragement for this life, and assurance for eternity. 2. The Bible & Christian Discipline:Years ago when the author's dissertation for graduation was presented to the facility of Dallas Theological Seminary, silence reigned. It was pointed out that discipline was immeasurable, disregarded and unpopular in printed books. The author's conviction still remains, for the Lord has caused him to eat his words. If this little volume is digested and discerned, it will be health to the body, soul and spirit, as the timeliest truth of God “Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding” (Prov. 4:7). May it be to His glory! 3. The Amen God: “The Amen God is the account of a man of God and his relationship with God”. — Arnot P. McIntee. On return from the mission field in 1994, the author received a request from a radio program director, Arnot McIntee for selections of his writings to publish. Several were submitted and the outcome is this book. Intermingled with snapshots from the author's life experiences come these thoughts of God's plan and provision in the lives of every believer. Seeking to share the treasures available in Christ, the author encourages the believers to press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus” (Phil 3:14), and persuades the unbeliever that there is no greater joy than to live for God.
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