Cindy Eastman

Flip-Flops After Fifty

Who hasn’t experienced life’s painful jabs—especially those of us who have rounded the corner into middle age? Emotional family events, stress from lousy jobs, the bittersweet feelings when the kids leave home, body image issues, and turning the big 5–0 . . . it’s all covered here in Cindy Eastman’s collection of personal and insightful essays.

In Flip-Flops After Fifty, Eastman tackles the sublime and the ridiculous, the sacred and the profane, with her own brand of easy humor. From her 30th high school reunion to her daughter’s wedding to running away to a cabin in Maine to figure out what she wants to do with her life, Eastman braves the ups and downs of midlife, and she comes out of it changed—for the better.

At turns wry, hilarious, and poignant, Flip-Flops After Fifty will amuse and enlighten readers, even as it inspires them to think more deeply about the topics that affect us all.
146 printed pages
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