Vincent Gabriel

E-Think: Iran the Bomb

A new president is elected. This new president has not been described in the western media as a liberal or even a moderate but at best a realistic observer of the present day and long-term prospects of the politics and the economies of the Middle East. Suddenly a peace deal is offered. Deals have been offered previously. Deals have also been broken previously.
What is new this time is that there is one offer to reach a practical working arrangement early.
To the west it is simply too good to be true. This E-think: Iran, the Bomb examines all aspects of the situation and puts forward items for discussion. There is no easy solution in the Middle East. However there is nothing that man of good will cannot resolve.
The author is optimistic as long as all parties are realistic enough to work through all the issues to address past mistrust, past harshness and past prejudices.
If careful steps are taken to implement every aspect in a spirit of DISTRUST the Joint Plan of Action can grow into a permanent workable arrangement that allows all parties to breathe freely by being free of a Secret Bomb.
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