The Spriggan Mirror

Every wizard in Ethshar knew that if you needed something special, something difficult to find, that Gresh the Supplier was the man to see. He was expensive, but always delivered. So when the Wizards' Guild finally got fed up with the little green nuisances that called themselves “spriggans,” the Guild hired Gresh to fetch them the magic mirror that created the troublesome imps. The wizards thought finding it looked impossible. Gresh thought his methods would do the job. But no one had asked the spriggans what they thought!
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318 printed pages
Science Fiction & Fantasy

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Chris Bunch, Darrell Schweitzer, David Drake, Esther Friesner, Harry Turtledove, Judith Tarr, Lawrence Watt-Evans, Martin Padway, Michael Flynn, Richard Foss, S.M.Stirling, Susan Shwartz

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