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Ludwig Tieck

The Rebellion in the Cevennes

The Rebellion in the Cevennes is a historical novel that features the life of the young Edmond de Beauvais, who turned from the zealous Catholic to the Huguenot and fought in the ranks of the Camisards against the troops of the Catholic king. Camisards were French Protestants of the rugged and isolated Cévennes region and the Vaunage in southern France. In the early 1700s, they raised an insurrection against the persecutions which followed Louis XIV's Revocation of the Edict of Nantes, making Protestantism illegal. The revolt broke out in 1702, with the worst of the fighting continuing until 1704, then skirmishes until 1710 and a final peace by 1715.
“The candles were already lighted, when Edmond stood before a large house, undecided if he should enter or not; “she has company again, the same as ever,” said he to himself; “and how shall I in my dusty shooting-dress present myself among well-dressed ladies? However, she is kind and indulgent, I am at a distance from home, the strangers too are already accustomed to this in me.” He ascended and laid down his gun and pouch in the anti-chamber, the servant ushered him in, and he found only a small circle, the young lady's two old aunts and a few younger ladies of the town of Nismes, established at two card tables and entertained, as usual, by an old Captain. They were relating to one another the defeat of the Camisards on the preceding day, and how they had assembled again, and how their leaders had escaped.”
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