Greg Roworth

Put Your Business on Autopilot

Despite the fact that most owners of small and medium size businesses work hard in their businesses, failure rates remain as high as 80% within the first 5 years. Something must be wrong! In Put Your Business on Autopilot in 12 Months or Less, Greg Roworth suggests that most businesses are actually built on a fatal flaw?—the harder you work, the harder it is to succeed in your small business. Put Your Business on Autopilot in 12 Months or Less shows business owners a new way to view their business. Based on 30 years practical experience, the 7 step system Roworth reveals shows business owners how to avoid the normal traps that reduce the typical business owner's life to one of slavery to the business, and how to create the business of their dreams—one that works for the owners, rather than the other way around.
136 printed pages
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