Vernon R. Niles

The New Bible Paradigm: What Happened Before Genesis 1

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This is the first book of a multi-part series comparing the knowledge of orthodox religions with the sciences, the Gnostics, and esoteric sources. These subjects also compare aliens, Planet X, the Sumerian planet of the crossing, and stories of Atlantis and Lemuria. This book, as well as the future books throughout this series, provides a new understanding of the possibility that the beginning may have happened before Genesis 1:1.

Readers into new age thought, the new sciences such as quantum theory, photons, and parallel universes are sure to enjoy this book, along with those who are leaving the church because they can't believe in science and religion at the same time. This book and the companion books should also have an appeal to those fighting within themselves to either follow a belief in science or religion, or, a belief in the history of ancient aliens or a belief in the ancient religions.

Let those in doubt, ministers or parishioners, those leaving or those that have left the church read on, so that together we can change that which is being transmitted throughout the world.
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