Gimmy Dicks Platinum Erotica Series: Volume 3, Gimmy Dicks
Gimmy Dicks

Gimmy Dicks Platinum Erotica Series: Volume 3

Get 3 stories for the price of 2.

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1. Her Very First Vibrator: : A divorcee missing sex decided she needs more than just fingers to keep her satisfied and goes to a local sex shop to buy a vibrator. The young woman serving offers her some assistance to choose the best sex toy and ends up showing her how good it feels in the store room at the back of the shop.

2. His Aunt Sexy Friends: : A young man on a visit to his Aunt is introduced to two of her friends. While his aunt is working they offer to keep him company and he finds that it’s his body they are really interested in as they involve him in a dirty threesome.

3. Her Anal Fantasy: A young woman finds herself becoming more and more obsessed with the thought of trying anal sex. Her fantasies finally come true when she gets a little drunk at an office night out and misses her last train home. Her boss lets her stay at his home and when she confesses her fantasy he shows her just how much fun anal can be.
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