David Cantú

Try, Catch

In this modern-day satire Try, Catch John Buntington has done it! After graduating, he moves to Silicon Valley to get paid to code for a big tech firm. Everything is going according to plan and there's nothing that can stop him in his pursuit of happiness. Or is there?

His expectations are high! Way too high! Truly, naively, extravagantly too high! He's so sure he's going to live the life and be the envy of all those suckers! Things degrade and quickly flatline as John finds himself in one ridiculously inescapable corporate situation after another. They never talked about any of this crap in college! Why on earth does he have to attend a planning meeting for the planning meeting? How does one win a hand in OnCall Poker, where the losers have to work at all hours of the night during the holidays for no extra pay?

In the eternal war of Man vs. Sidewalk Scooter, John attempts to adapt from his family's lifestyle on the ol' cornfield farm to this slick California dream. Can he do it before he loses his sanity, or will he just be one more piece of roadkill on the side of the sloping streets of San Francisco?
178 printed pages
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