Seth Margolis

Vanishing Act

A man wants to fake his own death—and then things get real—in this PI mystery from the national bestselling author of False Faces.
When retail tycoon George Samson appears in detective Joe DiGregorio’s Manhattan office asking for help in faking his own death, the wary private eye, a former Long Island cop, knows enough to refuse.
But Samson’s proposition isn’t easy to forget. So when Samson is found murdered soon afterward, the struggling P.I. is convinced that his would-be client found another “killer.” There’s only one problem: the death is genuine. Something went wrong somewhere—but what?
DiGregorio offers his investigative talents to the new CEO of Samson Stores, who accepts. Since leaving the force, he’s been struggling to make it as a private investigator, and this case could be the making of his new career—or the end of him.
235 printed pages
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