The Fog of the Caveman's Blog, Douglas Gilbert
Douglas Gilbert

The Fog of the Caveman's Blog

The High Priestess wants to trigger an Ice Age so that the gods will return and she can rule as Queen of the World.
(3):Zawmb'yee hides from Zusoiti, the wicked first High Priestess, in Doug's Apartment. Zawmb'yee, Chloë, and Doug go to the Blue Attic Club where Chloë becomes possessed by an evil spirit.
(4)Doug swims underwater to the “Cave of the Third Sun.” Utcoozhoo asks Doug and Zawmb'yee to search for the fugitive Zusoiti.
(5):leads about Zusoiti and the end of the world. Doug nearly killed.
(6):Zawmb'yee Takes Over the Blog.Zawmb'yee does the blog while Doug recuperates. Zawmb'yee continues to learn the Utd'mbts language.
(7)James Ziohat's blog is posted for analysis.
(8)Zawmb'yee is declared temporary High Priestess.
(9)Zawmb'yee meets Apacevj her tutor. He shows her how to move rocks with her mind and operate a flying desk.James Ziohat breaks into the palace, is captured and is interrogated.
(10):Secrets and Disaster.All is lost. Zusoiti returns. Disaster is imminent.
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