Paul Drouin

Creative Integrative Medicine

A family tragedy, the loss of his youngest brother at the age of 18 from an osteosarcoma of the skull, triggered Dr. Drouin’s interest in studying medicine. Unsatisfied with the model of healing he encountered in medical school, he explored many other models of medicine that eventually led him to practice what is now called Integrative Medicine. He soon realized that for these complementary medicines to be accepted and integrated into our healthcare system, they must be scientifically recognized and become part of the curriculum in medical schools.
The entire foundation of our approach to health and disease must be redefined through a deeper understanding of reality as described by quantum physics. Dr. Drouin’s initial quest has evolved into the creation of a medical and natural medicine curriculum that embraces this new paradigm of healing and the foundation of the International Quantum University for Integrative Medicine (Quantum University).
The cost of an incomplete model of understanding in medicine has enormous consequence in the management of chronic and mind-related disease. Creative Integrative Medicine addresses the real questions and offers a solution to the present crisis in healthcare.
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