Lynde Doup

The Odds of Grace

You never really know when your ‘time’ is going to come.
You never really know when
God is going to shake you and give you a violent wake— up call.
And you never really know when
What it’s going to be like when you’re hanging onto your life
By a tiny, frayed thread, begging God to show you mercy
As everyone around you prepares to say their goodbyes.
But I know what it’s like. I’ve been so close to death
That I could see and hear things that are otherwise unimaginable.
My body had been broken into what felt like a million pieces
I was so very close to leaving my family behind me;
With just a memory of what I used to be.
And I could hear the doctors as they tried to console my family.
And in my very final moments of pain and desperation by grace alone— my life was spared.
My name is Lynde, and this is my story.
94 printed pages
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