“Rapt In an Enigma” – “A True-life Tale of the Paranormal Unlike Any You Have Read Before”, John Byrne
John Byrne

“Rapt In an Enigma” – “A True-life Tale of the Paranormal Unlike Any You Have Read Before”

A true-life tale of the paranormal unlike any you have read before
On the 25th June 2004 I, a devout agnostic and sceptic of all things ‘paranormal’ was forced to accept that I may have a poltergeist in my home in Vietnam! To say I found that weird would be the understatement of the century but with hindsight I can say that the weirdest thing of all was that the poltergeist-like activity I experienced that night was just the beginning of the most incredible story and things would get a whole lot weirder in the days and months to come!
I know that many will find my story just too unbelievable to possibly be true, and as a lifelong sceptic myself I can completely understand that. I give my word that every part of this story is true however I realise that, as a complete stranger, my word is worth very little to you, but if you choose to consider my book as merely an imaginative work of fiction I trust that you will still find it an interesting, entertaining and thought provoking read.
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