The Infernal Aether, Peter Oxley
Peter Oxley

The Infernal Aether

The Aether always held the universe together… but in the nineteenth century, it just might tear it apart.

London, 1865.

Betrayed by his closest friend and rapidly drinking through his inheritance, Augustus Merriwether Potts returns to London in the hope of finding his fortune. Instead, he meets a mysterious stranger who thrusts him into a terrifying underworld of demons, ghosts and clockwork men. Fighting back against these new and unusual threats, Augustus and his friends come face-to-face with a creature which has been manipulating them and all humanity: a demon known as Andras, the God of Lies.

Andras has a plan: to recreate the Earth in his own hellish image using the power of the Aether, a terrifying otherworld populated by creatures from beyond humanity’s worst nightmares. With the world’s governments in thrall to the demons, Augustus and his friends find themselves in the front line of this battle to save the world against all the odds.

Dickens’ London has never seemed so scary. The Infernal Aether is the first book in a gothic fantasy series which has been described as “an elegant and chilling indulgence”. If you like page turners with unpredictable twists and chills then you’ll love Peter Oxley’s The Infernal Aether.

Pick up The Infernal Aether and start exploring this terrifying new realm today.
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