Cass Sunstein

The World According to Star Wars

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#1 Washington Post Bestseller
There’s Santa Claus, Shakespeare, Mickey Mouse, the Bible, and then there’s Star Wars. Nothing quite compares to sitting down with a young child and hearing the sound of John Williams’s score as those beloved golden letters fill the screen. In this fun, erudite, and often moving book, Cass R. Sunstein explores the lessons of Star Wars as they relate to childhood, fathers, the Dark Side, rebellion, and redemption. As it turns out, Star Wars also has a lot to teach us about constitutional law, economics, and political uprisings.
In rich detail, Sunstein tells the story of the films’ wildly unanticipated success and explores why some things succeed while others fail. Ultimately, Sunstein argues, Star Wars is about freedom of choice and our never-ending ability to make the right decision when the chips are down. Written with buoyant prose and considerable heart, The World According to Star Wars shines a bright new light on the most beloved story of our time.
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    Elishas quoted2 years ago
    social theorist Duncan Watts (coauthor of the Music Lab papers), think that essentially nothing is destined to succeed. Even the greatest work needs to benefit from social influences.
    Elishas quoted2 years ago
    But sometimes the value of a good depends on how many other people are using it. It isn’t a lot of fun to have a cell phone if you are the only person in the world who has a cell phone. People use Facebook because a lot of people use Facebook. If Facebook hadn’t been able to build a network, it would have failed. Network effects exist when value increases with the number of users.
    Elishas quoted2 years ago
    Behavioral scientists refer to the “planning fallacy,” which means that people typically think that a project will get finished a lot faster than it actually does.

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