Barbara Cartland

Love is Triumphant

fatimahj07has quoted2 years ago
“And I’ve known you as a scrubby little schoolgirl,” he agreed affably. “That kind of impression tends to last. I don’t think I could ever quite see you as a great lady, not even when you become a Duchess. I would always remember the time you waded into that pond to rescue a cat, and came out covered in weeds.”

“You would have to remember that, wouldn’t you?” she said crossly. “Anyway, it had nothing to do with being a schoolgirl. I’d do it now if there were a cat to be rescued.”

“Yes, you would,” he said in a suddenly warm tone. “You always had a kind heart. But we are agreed in this, that I am no threat to your mother’s plans.”
Ashley Iman Izzattihas quoted2 years ago
She ran out and threw herself into his arms, which folded possessively around her.
A few minutes later Lady Doreen arrived.
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