Lorhainne Eckhart

Don’t Catch Me

He stopped a robbery. Now he has to do the right thing.

Get the book one reader called “Chase McCabe was an amazing hero. Three lives were changed when Chase stopped for gas and walked in on a robbery in progress.”
—“ANOTHER HOT BROTHER Chase is Mr. Fix Everybody and Everything and I for one need fixing! LOL!! Can't wait to meet the rest of the family.” KEC200 Reviewer
—“Wait until you meet Chase McCabe!” — Reviewer — Carol
Having left his life in politics, lawyer Chase McCabe is on his way to meet his brothers and sort out family matters when he stops for gas and walks in on a robbery in progress. However, he discovers the culprit is just a kid, and her situation may not be as clear as he thought. Authorities have written the girl off, and his need to fix everyone’s problems sets in, putting him on a collision course with a mysterious woman with secrets of her own and entangling him in a precarious relationship that ties him to a place he was just passing through.
202 printed pages
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