Kim Ellis

Homemade Greek Takeout Cookbook

Enjoy The Pleasures Of Greek Foods Anywhere You Are
Greek cuisine is Mediterranean cuisine influenced by many cultures. Greek foods taste amazing and are extremely healthy for you. They have been around for thousands of years, but still retain freshness in every meal with unique spices that will intoxicate your senses.The secret of Greek cuisine is its good quality fresh ingredients,proper use ofherbs and spices, the famous Greek olive oil and its basic simplicity.
This book offers an exceptionally rich and diverse array of Greek foods to enjoy.
Here’s A Peek At What’s Inside:
•An Overview of Greek takeout food.
•Ingredients used in Greek cooking, cooking methods and required cooking equipment used to prepare Greek meals
•Classic appetizers like the Dolmades, Hummus & the Taramosalata
•Traditional salads like the Horiatiki Salata, Salata Marouli and the Froutosalata
•Satisfying soups like Avgolemono With Orzo, Hortosoupa & the Greek Tomato Soup With Orzo
•Easy-to— prepare takeout sandwiches like the Greek Sloppy Joes & the Greek Salad Pita Sandwich
•Delicious beef, pork and lamb recipes like the Stifado, Moussaka & the Paidakia Skaras
•Delightful chicken recipes like the Chicken Pilaf Aztem & the Chicken Kapama
•Tasty seafood recipes like the Arides Tourkolimano, Kalamaria Yemista  & the Greek Octopus with Pasta
•Healthy vegetable and side recipes like the Tzatziki, Bamies Me Saltsa and the Fasolakia
•Sweet desserts like the Greek Bougatsa With Phyllo, Halvah & the Loukoumades
Each recipe is fresh, inviting and unforgettable! Download Now!
86 printed pages
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