Leo Hardy


Depression in all of its forms affects millions of people worldwide. This is not a throw away little book that barely touches on the problems of depression. Depression is a leading cause of other mental illnesses.

With my book Depression – Dealing With Depression, I have tried to offer the reader quick and clear answers to the problem of depression. From cause to effects and ending in the types of treatments, both medically and psychologically that you can expect when dealing with personal depression or that of a loved one, this book is a must read.

Let's face it Depression is the leading cause of any number of mental and physical health issues.

Depression can cause weight gain or severe weight loss.

Depression can lead to suicide.

Depression can damage your heart.

Depression can wreck your relationship or your marriage.

Depression can cost you your job or career.

Dealing with Depression should be number one on your list of health concerns. If depression is properly handled then so many things that you now find difficult will seem easy.

This little book can change your everyday life in a positive way.

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