Elizabeth Mansfield


A spendthrift viscount must contend with a financial advisor—a surprisingly beautiful and charming one—in this Regency romance.
Jane Douglas had a sharp wit, a brilliant mind, and an extraordinary knack for numbers. As financial advisor to Lady Martha Kettering, she was able to provide for herself, her sister, and her mother. Jane had resigned herself to a quiet life in the country, in service.
Viscount Luke Kettering was a Corinthian: self-confident, elegant, with a talent for all the manly arts, and a penchant for taking risks. He was admired by his peers, yet his constant requests for funds to settle his gambling debts caused his mother deep concern. He eagerly accepted her challenge to give him control of his inheritance if he could prove to be financially responsible. All he had to do was act prudently for one month. He did not factor in one detail—that Lady Martha's financial advisor would be overseeing his accounting for the month—and that he was—a she!
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