Bob Shacochis

The Next New World

A dazzling collection of memorable stories displaying an award-winning author’s acclaimed mastery of storytelling and voice.
The haunting stories in Shacochis’s second volume of stories possess a comic, sexy directness infused with an aura of history. Each of the eight tales here feature characters one could easily describe as outrageous originals who, through Shacochis’s enormous storytelling gifts, especially in his marvelous ability to inhabit a spectacular range of voices, become eerily familiar: two elderly sisters share a phantom lover; a Virginia patriarch, haunted by ghosts of Confederate soldiers, is buried with their bones; a family celebrates the Fourth of July in the shadow of the father’s Alzheimer’s syndrome; while a musician’s thunderous love turns him into a cannibal. From renaissance England to Cape Hatteras to the Caribbean islands, readers will find themselves submerged in exquisitely crafted fictions “charged with wit and style . . . intelligent, engaging, and richly realized.” (New York Times Book Review).
“Shacochis is a master of voices. . . . In The Next New World he roams about through history and across the globe, tethering his wit to a sense of political conscience. . . . Sometimes more is more.” —Miami Herald
“If we are in the golden age of the short story, Bob Shacochis is one of the writers who got us here.” —Providence Journal
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