Franklin G.Reick

Just Frank

FRANK REICK WAS BORN to invent. He’s
been inventing since he was five and has forty patents and inventions to show for it. His inventions range from diagnostic
medical instruments, toys, and ski wax to sealants and lubricants.
Reick graduated with an engineering degree from Syracuse
University in 1952. His first career was working with General
Electric on cathode ray tube technology for color televisions.
Later he worked with ITT Corporation on the 465L Strategic
Command and Control System. Disillusioned with the rampant
bureaucracy, he left the corporate world to become an entrepreneur
and focus on his true passion—inventing.
His first successful product, Formula-8, was a thread
sealant that could be used in gaseous and liquid oxygen applications,
and led to the formation of his company, Fluoramics.
Fluoramics’ flagship product, Tufoil, the result of eight years
of research, was recognized in 1996 as the world’s “most efficient
lubricant” by the Guinness Book of World Records—a title
it still holds today. In 1998 he was a finalist for Inc Magazine’s
Entrepreneur of the Year Award; he is also a member of the
New Jersey Inventors Hall of Fame.
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