Arian Herbert

Awaken to Existence: Discover the You Within

«In Awaken to Existence, Arian Herbert invites the reader to join him on a fanciful journey “back home” to our nature; a place of peace from which we have never truly left. In a world where there are so many theories about happiness and inner peace, Arian suggests that the journey to self-discovery is less about finding and more about removing blockages. These inhibitors are influenced by society, family and friends, and even our own minds. This deconstruction leads to a shrinking of the mind's ability to believe and become attached to illusions; who we think we are doesn't hold a candle to what we truly are. With a unique blend of poetry, one line pointers, and direct prose, Arian presents a series of meditations that begin with discussions on the most popular key phrases employed by lifestyle gurus, seminar leaders, and even self-help authors. In an effort to release us from the power of thoughts, particularly how they can affect present and future situations, Arian comes to the conclusion that so much of what causes us to suffer is rooted in our attachment to certain ideas. Concepts like “owning your past” and "inner peace” are debunked to reveal the essence of all of us: we are all the same in that we come from the source of all that is seen and unseen. Our eyes, minds, and hearts must be recalibrated to properly tune in to the universal energy that runs through all life on earth. It is Arian's hope that the reader may come to realize the peace and happiness that is no different from our true nature.”
149 printed pages
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