Patt Tomas

Cryptocurrency 101

In 2010 the cryptocurrency known as bitcoin worth only ten cents, if you would have invested 1000 dollars into bitcoin in 2010, you would today be a multi-millionaire. Currency has ability to change the world and people believe we're at the very beginning of a revolution in the way the world operates because of the creation of the block chain which is the backbone of cryptocurrency. Can you imagine buying into a cryptocurrency that within a few months as value rises more than 2000%, sent this is a huge deal for investors because as time goes on and more and more people discover the power of cryptocurrency and the system it uses for security and all the other applications it has that can change the world, the value of cryptocurrency is going to skyrocket.

In this course I will walk you through: -

• what cryptocurrency is.

• The Noteworthy digital currencies that currently exist.

• Why this has the potential to change the world.

• How to convert real money into cryptocurrency using the top most trusted platform online.

• How to transfer and trade various cryptocurrencies

• How to sell once you're ready… and more.

• Finally, will explore the two main strategies used when investing in concurrency.

There is a lot to learn and a lot of potential to make money.

Thanks for checking this course and I hope you will learn a lot.
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