Gertrude Stein

Three Lives

Three Lives (1909) was American writer Gertrude Stein's first published book. The book is separated into three stories, “The Good Anna”, “Melanctha”, and “The Gentle Lena”. The three stories are independent of each other, but all are set in Bridgepoint, a fictional town based on Baltimore.
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    Abzal Tashenovhas quoted5 months ago
    Anna looked very well this day. She was always careful in her dress and sparing of new clothes. She made herself always fulfill her own ideal of how a girl should look when she took her Sundays out. Anna knew so well the kind of ugliness appropriate to each rank in life.
    Abzal Tashenovhas quoted5 months ago
    These days were happy days with Anna.

    Her freakish humor now first showed itself, her sense of fun in the queer ways that people had, that made her later find delight in brutish servile Katy, in Sally's silly ways and in the badness of Peter and of Rags. She loved to make sport with the skeletons the doctor had, to make them move and make strange noises till the negro boy shook in his shoes and his eyes rolled white in his agony of fear.
    Abzal Tashenovhas quoted5 months ago
    Anna loved to work for men, for they could eat so much and with such joy. And when they were warm and full, they were content, and let her do whatever she thought best.

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