Arthur Machen

The Great God Pan

83 printed pages

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    Diego Ivánhas quoted2 years ago
    "the most vivid presentment of evil I have ever seen."
    Diego Ivánhas quoted2 years ago
    The two men sat silent by the fireside; Clarke secretly congratulating himself on having successfully kept up the character of advocate of the commonplace, and Villiers wrapped in his gloomy fancies.
    Diego Ivánhas quoted2 years ago
    He wouldn't go into details; he said he dare not, that what he had seen and heard haunted him by night and day, and when I looked in his face I knew he was speaking the truth. There was something about the man that made me shiver. I don't know why, but it was there. I gave him a little money and sent him away, and I assure you that when he was gone I gasped for breath. His presence seemed to chill one's blood."
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